ARTAS - Technology

What is ARTAS®?

The ARTAS® robotic hair restoration device is an advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to deliver precise, natural-looking results without leaving a linear scar. Using advanced image-guided robotics, ARTAS® can precisely analyze and dissect the best grafts from your donor area thousands of times per session, and then accurately identify where they should be implanted to achieve a seamless,personalized hairline that’s perfectly suited to you.

Neograft - Procedure

What is Neograft?

NeoGraft is a type of hair restoration technology that uses a minimally invasive procedure known as follicular unit extraction (FUE) to transplant hair from the back of the scalp to areas of baldness or thinning. This method is less invasive than traditional hair transplant surgery, which involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area and transplanting it to the recipient area.

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How does hair transplantation work ?

In the process of hair restoration, transfer techniques of growth factors, protein and
autologous stem cells are used as part of the preparation of the recipient area, which
has generated differentiated results showing thicker, more vigorous hair and higher
content of creatine and elements that lead to a faster and more spectacular aesthetic

Natural results

After undergoing the hair growth treatment, you can expect to see significant improvements in the thickness and natural appearance of your hair. These results typically become noticeable around six months following the procedure and will continue to improve over time. Additionally, the hair growth is expected to be permanent, providing a long-lasting solution to hair loss.

Minimally invasive with no linear scar

ARTAS® hair restoration system is a minimally invasive solution that doesn’t require scalpels, stitches, or staples. This advanced technology uses intelligent algorithms to accurately extract and implant individual hair follicles. As a result, there’s no visible linear scarring, which can be a concern for many individuals seeking hair restoration treatments. With ARTAS®, you can achieve a more natural-looking and healthy head of hair, without any noticeable signs of a hair transplant procedure.

Fast and Effective

With the ARTAS® hair restoration system, the use of robotic technology enables the procedure to be performed with greater precision and speed compared to traditional, more manual hair transplant methods. The robotic method allows for accurate and consistent extraction of individual hair follicles, which are then implanted in the desired areas of the scalp. As a result, the procedure can be completed more quickly and efficiently, reducing the overall treatment time.

Everything you need to know about your ARTAS® treatment

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive hair transplant method that allows the removal of individual follicles from your donor area without a scalpel incision, and then implants them where you need more hair coverage

Yes, a good candidate is someone that is realistic with the expectation. Someone that wants to feel and look their best and most important that he/she is in good health condition to undergo a surgical procedure.

The ARTAS® system allows a minimally invasive procedure that is virtually undetectable. Unlike previous methods of hair restoration, there is no need for the surgical removal of a strip of scalp from the back and sides of the head. So, there is no linear scar after surgery, and no need for stitches or staples to close the wound. The benefit is a significantly shortened recovery time.

Thanks to local anesthesia and post-operative pain medications, no, a hair transplant is not painful. While no surgery can be completely painless and some brief and likely temporary level of discomfort is possible, a hair transplant is typically a pleasant and easy experience for most hair loss sufferers

Each patient tolerates pain after surgery in different ways. Your surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain medications to help minimize any discomfort. In general, most facial cosmetic operations have minimal discomfort post-operatively. Liposuction is slightly more uncomfortable, and operations that require elevation or tightening of the muscles-such as an abdominoplasty or breast augmentation can cause discomfort equal to a C-section.

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